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Is your trainer calibrated? This is a 10-12 week (3 month) workout plan. If you want an alternative to the FTP test, enter a race! After we move I'm going to get the TACX ANT+ antenna setup in the new pain cave. 16%. Method 3: Setting Your FTP via Zwift’s Auto-Detection. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you posted on new and the most popular workouts. The workout’s title each day give you an idea of what you are aiming to do. Back to top. Zwift automatically tests your FTP on every ride, prompting you if an increase is detected. To get the desired results, follow the plan. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I started the 6 week FTP Builder program and it's been so boring/easy in comparison. Coach Kevin says we’ll enjoy “a patch of great form” that’s 3-5 weeks in length. I've seen a few others post up their FTP builder program results so I thought I'd share mine. Now I just need to solve all my zwift power drops which has been a long ongoing problem. This would give me about an hour on the bike, hopefully killing the time waiting for interview feedback. No problem, we've … I don't have much experience with doing structured workouts but I decided to try and do the zwift 10-12 week ftp builder. Learn more about our tests to help you find your FTP in this article. View > Day 5. Select a workout, or scroll down to view all workouts. As such, today was the perfect day to tackle the FTP Builder Week 7 Day 4 workout. I had done an ftp test at the start of winter (Nov) when the calibration was off and had gotten a result of about 277, it was around this time that I got a power meter for my road bike so I put it on my kickr and noticed the values weren't matching. Those that know me will tell you I don’t make a habit of giving up but this did cross my mind for a couple of reasons. If you read my previous postyou will know I am close to giving up on the workout program. Drop-outs have stopped happening. 1h | 46 SP. Firstly I found a lot of the workouts almost too easy. If you need more resistance, increase the wattage. Today I continued with Zwift’s 12 week FTP Builder training program, with this workout being Week 5 Day 2. All workouts in 10-12wk FTP Builder » Week 8. New to Zwift- 10-12 Week FTP Builder- Cadence and Other Questions . Pics of : Zwift Workouts 10 12 Week Ftp Builder. An overview of all 6wk Beginner FTP Builder workouts in Zwift, including all workout details. Stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest workouts on Zwift! I finished the 12-week Build Me Up program at the end of February and I went from 220 - 271 FTP. A forum community dedicated to Road Bike owners and enthusiasts. I don't have much experience with doing structured workouts but I decided to try and do the zwift 10-12 week ftp builder. The weekly plan included a couple of Foundation sessions which to be brutal where dull and I mean dull. FTP went from 220 ish to 275w with that consistent training (although I missed a few of the workouts). 21 days ago. is not the official Zwift website. Also, just because a ride is "easy" based on power/hr zones, doesn't mean there can't be purposeful work. On top of that, there are no real "off" sessions where you just cruise along in Z2 like in the FTP Builder plans. Zwift workouts / 10-12 wk ftp builder. 1h | 38 SP. 984 Posts . Approximately 70% of the ride is spent at 70% FTP. I spent a few months trialing out TrainerRoad and scored 220w FTP there before joining Zwift in November 2019. Most riders spend way too much time riding hard. I'm a masher and 5 X 9 minutes at 100+ rpm makes for a hard workout, even at Z2 power. This is a pretty hard one to explain simply, so I have taken the graphs and tables from What’s On Zwift. I've gone through all the solutions I've found on zwift support from removing wireless devices, updating firmware, disabling 2.4ghz antenna on router, not running the fan, etc and none of it seems to work. View > Day 4. For tonight’s ride I went with something slightly different, though still in the same vein as usual with the FTP Builder rides. View > Day 2. We suggest retaking the FTP test at the end of your training plan to see your progress. Day 1. I skipped wk 1-2, as it suggested to if you are ‘in shape’.

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